Monday, October 17, 2016

We tied the knot! Kayaker Kathy Mca and GuyThaLizard

First off I'd like to say Thank You All for following my blogs and posts.

It has been a very busy summer. Not a lot of kayaking this summer season. We spent our weekends and time off working very hard preparing for our wedding. Yes "Kayaker Kathy McA" and I tied the knot in September. What an awesome wedding, and thank you to all our friends who helped make our wedding special. I am sorry we had to keep the numbers down so we couldn't invite all FaceBook and Twitter etc. but we really wanted to. Here are a few shots of our wedding.

we had to take a trip to Okanagan Lake for some photos since that was the lake where Kathy and I met.

Yes those are our kayaks there below the arch. We had hoped for a beach wedding but it didn't work out that way. Costs were to high to rend a beach, go figure! So we were wed at the Rodeo Grounds. beside a creek. 

yup, that's me

our awesome friends and fellow kayakers

Kathy's kayak on the left my kayak on the right

wedding party
Thank you Brian, Melissa, Michael and Elisabeth for the support, the help and the photos. Beautiful shots and all the other's who shared your photos! Still looking through 3000+ photos of our awesome day.

Our Gift Registry link if you wanted to help us celebrate our honeymoon which hasn't happened yet do to both our end of season work schedules and we are obligated to wait till November.

Hope to see you all someday soon.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Kayaking Okanagan Lake Log: 2016-05-07

It has been a very busy few months since we returned from our California. 
Work is at full speed with little free time so today we took a day to enjoy what we both love.
We paddled a small section of Okanagan Lake's N/E shoreline. Here are a few shots from today.

#KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #Okanagan

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

While RVing over the winter in California we enjoyed 1/2 price camping..

We enjoyed using our Passport America Card over the winter this gave us 50% off all our sites, and found many, many, awesome campsites with full hookups, swimming pools and hot tubs.  These beautiful sites are well kept and very relaxing. California was awesome! If you want to see our trip check out our RVing blog at

Get your Passport America card and get 1/2 off camping

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fossil Falls California 2016 01 20

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We are in California exploring, RVing and having a great time. Here is one of our highlights of our vacation. Follow us on our RVing Blog at:

Not a lot of water here for kayaking due to the drought but we brought our kayaks for the trip. Hoping to find some lakes to kayak on the way back. Very warm here in Southern California.

We will be doing most of our blogging on our RVing site while we are exploring.

Take care, stay warm!


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