Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Johnson Lake kayaking August 2014

Weekend trip to the beautiful Johnson Lake in BC Canada.

A beautiful lake with clear water that looks like we are in the Caribbean hard to believe we are just north of Kamloops BC.

Beautiful clear water at Johnson Lake, you can watch the fish at the bottom of the lake.
Johnson Lake trip photos below by GuyThaLizard

some of the many fishermen enjoying the clear waters of the lake
GuyThaLizard, Brian & Melissa
Brian & Melissa
Kayaker Brian Both
Brian & Melissa

Relaxing at camp

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Monday, August 4, 2014

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Paddle to Boonstock 08 02 2014

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The GuyThaLizard Solar Shower for our kayaking trips DIY 7/27/2014

We love kayaking and camping and sometimes it's nice to have a nice hot shower after kayaking.We love kayaking and camping and sometimes it's nice to have a nice hot shower after kayaking.

This tank would be oval shaped and painted flat black (once sanded or primed) with one hose-bib at the front on a up-word 90 degree to fill the tank the other at the back end with the tap on an angel down-word to allow for complete drain of the tank. The handy thing about using hose-bibs on each end is they can be pressurized then once pressured up can be closed and ready for use. A water pressure gage can be attached to the other tap to see how much pressure you have in the tank once filled. May handle about 200psi depending on the rating of the pipe.

This tank will fit on the roof rack of the truck in between the kayak racks.
The tank would heat up with the sun all day while it sits on the truck. Opening the top tap slightly will allow gravity feed to the lower tap when no RV or home water supply is available or attached to a water supply for constant water supply to the lower tap once it is heated by the sun.

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