Monday, May 18, 2015

Ripley Lake - Rainy trip May 16/17, 2015

Ripley Lake camp. The first part of the day was warm, sunny and very picturesque as the fellow campers in the area enjoyed their country music and fishing we got our camp set up.

Enjoyed a nice rocketstove hot shower
before bed last night.
 As evening approached it began to cloud over then poured buckets while we were there after we set up camp. On top of that young partiers pulled in while it was pouring. Very loud almost all night. Then it poured more. Funny thing though, they just through a tarp over their pickup trucks and slept under it, I think they got real wet cause they ended up sleeping in their truck cabs by morning. 

Morning came and we listened to Margaritaville
 loud on Serius radio while dry under our awning. LMAO. 

 having the awning was a "God-send" when the rain came. Next trip, if there is a chance of rain, we will bring the tarp over the tent as well to provide a dry passage between the tent and the cooking living room area. ;)

Day 2 The day of rain

 Kathy made the most awesome breakfast under the awning sheltered from the heavy rain. 

 The Rocketstove worked awesome in the rain. We watched others in the camp struggle in the morning trying to build a campfire.

For fear of washouts from the heavy rainstorm last night that continued all morning we decided we would head back early. Some parts of the road had began to washout, little rivers running across the roads near Ripley as we drove back in 4 wheel drive.


Always an adventure! At least we had an opportunity to test out our new gear and the Rocketstove/shower as well as were able to make some adjustments and get ideas for improvements to our camping setups for next trips. 

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

GuyThaLizard's Rocket Stove update - BlogLog: March 28 2015


Today I added 6" stove pipe to the feed opening on the stove and enlarged the opening on the top, under the coffee pot. The stove seems to heat the water coil much faster and the stove seems to run much better. 

In a previous post I explained that I used a 5 Gallon tin pail. Just a note this pail is about 50 years (+-) so the tin is a very heavy gauge and used a Dremel cutting wheel after drilling little holes around where I wanted my 6"hole to be then cut between the holes with the Dremel. I think this is the best way to do it. After making my hole I used a Ball Pein Hammer to flange the inside of the stove pipe to lock it into place so the pipe doesn't fall out, especially while the stove is fire up. The 5 gallon water pail on the table is insulated with blue camping foam. 2 hours after heating the water to 95 degrees Fahrenheit the water was still too hot to have a shower with it. This is good, it seems to be just enough insulation. Will be great for washing dishes then showering later after it cools down to a decent temperature.

In the water bucket I have a marine bailing pump to circulate the water in the tank and to pump the water to the shower nozzle. 

This is posted just to give you some ideas for your rocket stove.

Going to be awesome for our kayaking camping trips.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Calm Lake kayaking with a Breeze and a Tsunami Skaha Lake 2015-03-22

Calm Lake kayaking with a 
Breeze and a Tsunami

Skaha Lake 2015-03-22

Kathy tried out her new Breeze today on Skaha Lake. The Breeze is the yellow kayak on the right by Current Designs. We enjoyed a short paddle to the dog beach and back. Kathy says her new kayak handles beautifully, very stable tracks nice and the rudder handles like a dream, 
In and out of clouds today but mainly sunny this morning during our paddle. Later in the afternoon it clouded over and became windy from the South.

we stopped at the dog beach and took a break, enjoying the sounds of the Redwinged Blackbirds and the other birds singing away in the sunshine.

Here are some shots of the day.


~GuyThaLizard #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #Okanagan

Friday, February 27, 2015

My 5 gallon pail rocket stove idea. LOG: 2015-02-27 9:42 AM (UPDATED March 1st 2015)

GuyThaLizard 5 Gallon Pail RocketStove UPDATED March 01 2015

 5 Gallon Pail RocketStove Idea

A re-do of my 5 gallon stove idea. Using the RocketStove concept.
(you will see the changes briefly in the video below)

I put a hole in the center of the lid like a rocketstove and may later enlarge the hole to the size of my kettle, still thinking on that. A larger hole will increase the draft at the bottom but a hole that is too large may be a problem causing too much unwanted flame around the bottom of the pot making it hard to take a pot off without getting burned and cause the flames to go around the sides of the pot. Might as well just have an open firepit and hang the pot with a chain. Controlling the wood consumption in the stove is a far more efficient idea.

The tin you see is a very old tin. Probably was used for varnish or an oil of some sort back in the 1970's. I am not sure if you can buy a tin of that gauge any more. I managed to pick this one up from my dad, he had it kicking around in the yard. It is a very solid tin.

While experimenting with different ideas to keep the pot up high enough from the exhaust hole I finally settled with the backpacker\s grill that I had for kayaking trips. Using a backpacker's grill it can easily span the top of the tin can lid.

One hole in the front for feeding the fire. Also wood can be fed large amounts from the top by easily removing the lid of the tin. This works great initially to get things started with a full load. Can easily load the pail with large pine-cones and pine needles for a quick start. I am entertaining the thought of adding a feed pipe on the bottom hole, not sure if I will or not. Using it in this firepit works well already for feeding the fire from the lower hole.

This is still a work in progress. Once I get what I want I will paint it with high temperature BBQ paint. The nice thing about using the 5 gallon pail rather than a 1 gallon pail is the burn time and while at camp I would like the longer burn time for cooking dinner and relaxing by the stove for warmth in the evenings.

UPDATE March 04 2015
Well tested my new rocketstove design out this evening and it boiled one quart of cold water in under 10 minutes and barely used any wood to do it. It's a winner, now just have to clean it up tomorrow and find some BBQ paint. I think we have some kicking around here at the house.

UPDATE March 05 2015
Thinking.. if I was to put a coil of copper pipe in the tin it may make for a great water heater for maybe an outdoor hot-tub while using the stove. For an idea I added a YouTube video from someone who had the same sort of idea.

My rocketstove water heater idea for the camp shower

UPDATE: March 12 2015
The above photo is my hotwater tank. I used a 5 gallon pail two 1/2" poly pipe connectors, glued with heavy duty silicone glue. The two lines coming from the pail are slightly smaller in diameter than 1/2". I ran the tubes to the 10 foot long by 1/2" copper pipe I made into a coil. The copper coil sits in a BBQ briquette lighter.
This tin BBQ lighter I placed on top of the rocket stove. The water in the 5 gallon pail reached 80 degrees in about one hour of running the rocketstove. Then after about another half hour was at 90 degrees. Hot enough for a nice shower.  I had to remove the air in the lines and coil to get the water to naturally circulate.

So all in all this should be handy while camping on our kayaking trips. Boil water for coffee while heating 5 gallons of water for the shower or for washing dishes.
I think a priming bulb would work better, attaching the bulb on the bottom line (the cold line). from the 5 gallon pail I will pump the water using a bailing pump into the camp shower. On top of the BBQ briquette lighter tin I have my coffee kettle heating up at the same time for my coffee.

Update: March 14 2015

Used some 3M Super 77 spray on glue to stick the blue camping foam to the water container.
 BBQ spray paint for the rocketstove part.
also spray painted the container that holds the heating coil.

Giving my contraption a finished look and protect it from rust.

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