Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Labourday Weekend 2015

From Crazy Creek Hot-Pools, Sugar Lake kayaking to Rainbow Falls

 Started our weekend at Crazy Creek Hot Pools Enjoying the pools, Haven't been in a hot pool or tub in a while since moving into the RV. Was quite enjoyable.

 Crazy Creek's #39 is a perfect pull through for dry camping. Didn't kayak at Crazy Creek but tomorrow at Sugar lake. Awesome pics coming up of Sugar.

one of the islands on Sugar Lake had rock ovens and interesting artifacts that we explored.

 Someone had a memorial setup.

 Evening back at the camp we enjoyed an awesome sunset and good times with our friends. Brian, Melissa, Liz & Michael from the North Okanagan.

Next Day Rainbow Falls

Thank you Melissa for sharing your video of the trip.
Thank you for joining our awesome adventure Brian & Melissa, Liz & Michael 
Kathy & I enjoyed seeing and getting together with you all! Looking forward to our next trip together.

~GuyThaLizard http://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #Okanagan

Monday, August 3, 2015

Island Lake Kayaking adventure with Brian & Melissa 2015-08-03

Today we went to Island Lake and paddled south to Deer lake then to Crooked Lake. Good times and a paddle day with our awesome friends Brian and Melissa of Vernon. We have been waiting for for quite some time. Here are some shots of the day.

PS: Thank you George for the cucumbers! 

~GuyThaLizard http://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #Okanagan